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Jason Roman 

Awicha is the result of a dream realized by Chef Jason Roman. He was born and raised in his mother's restaurant located in Huacho.

At an early age, Jason takes his first and most valuable cooking lessons. It is here that he feels a deep affection for the grandmother's kitchen because she shared with him all her knowledge about the traditional cuisine of Huacho. That is why, in her honor, she uses the Quechua language to call her Awicha.

Thanks to the teachings inculcated by his grandfather, he manages to understand the value of agriculture, as well as the love for animals and the importance of the sacrifice they represent to transform them into food.

Jason travels to New York at age 17 where his talent, perseverance, and conviction led him to work for Chef Pino Luongo, Italian chef of gastronomic food recognized in the United States.


In 2011, he decided to take new directions to Paris, where he studied at the famous Ferrandi school, managing to deepen his culinary knowledge. Upon completing his studies, Jason obtained the opportunity to work for Chef Guy Martin in the 2-star restaurant Michelín Le Grand Véfour. As well as, for Chef Alain Senderens in the Luca Carton restaurant with 2 Michelin stars.

Subsequently, Jason decided to fulfill his dream formulated during his stay abroad. Return to Peru to open a place where he could propose a kitchen, merging everything learned abroad without forgetting its roots; based on their traditions and using Peruvian products that are one of the best and most diverse in the world.

“Las mejores fiestas están en la cocina”

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